Monday, January 24, 2011

Time for a reboot

Hmmm. My Friday quote was prophetic, in a way. While I hadn't consciously considered abandoning my New Year's goals, I slacked off quite a bit over the weekend.

But I haven't quit.

My husband and I are hosting a birthday party for his mother in less than two weeks, and I'm the party planner. So instead of exercising Saturday, I went shopping. And shopping. And shopping. Which doesn't burn as many calories as climbing on the elliptical, but takes a lot more time.

I did climb on the elliptical yesterday, but stopped after 45 minutes, instead of stretching it out for a full hour. Not a big deal. I felt good for doing what I did.

So today is a reset/reboot/renew day. Food has been great. I'm meeting and not exceeding my caloric goal each day, and I'm eating good quality, whole foods. I'm logging my food each day, as well. I just need to ramp up the activity level. At some point today it's supposed to hit the mid 30s. That's warm enough to walk outdoors. Although it's snowing right now.


I completely skipped weight-training workouts last week. Sigh. I know how important it is to strength-train, but I just don't like doing it. I need to get over it already.

I finished another pair of Pop-up Paws last night and began a hat. I'll be sending them to the same friend who recently received the felted clogs (which she loves, by the way). She's going through chemo treatments and is losing her hair. I don't think I can knit fast enough to finish the hat and get it mailed this week. Her wig fitting is Thursday.

My grandson asked for a pair of fingerless gloves. Imagine that, a "tween" who actually wants something handknit by his grandma! Since he recently learned to knit himself, he thinks handknit items are pretty cool. I asked him to make me a coaster for my morning coffee. Can't wait to see what he sends!

Enough, enough, enough. If you, too, are rebooting your week, I wish you well.

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