Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I feel kind of like I did when, as a child, my mother would take away a cherished privilege as punishment for some misdeed.

The fabulous, wonderful, amazing, awesome 3G modem that connects my desktop computer to the internets came with a 5GB limit. The nice people at the US Cellular store said it was really, REALLY hard to exceed that limit.

I managed to get there three days before my billing cycle ends. I have a 5GB limit on my phone, too, but it's more difficult to compose lengthy blog posts or chatty e-mails on the mini-keyboard. And it's really, REALLY difficult to leave comments on others' blogs.

So here I am, poor me, unable to use the desktop without paying a quarter per megabyte (that adds up fast!), sitting in the corner with my BlackBerry.

Life is SO hard. <smirk>

Fortunately I have lots to keep me busy for the next few days. Today I need to bake bread and make mozzarella, do laundry and clean the floors. And, hopefully, go get the elliptical! Tomorrow I'm FINALLY making the marmalade from the oranges which came last month, and Friday I'm going to be my husband's driver. He's having cataract surgery.

I'll be updating my Project 365 page (I haven't figured out how to create clickable links in an e-mail, which is how this post is being created) on December 8th. I'll be walking, strength-training, ellipticalling, cooking and knitting while I'm grounded. I just won't be transferring data from the desktop!

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ws said...

I feel your pain - that's how I feel when I'm about the exceed my text message limit.

Marilyn said...

Are you converting your photo's to a lower resolution before you put them on your blog? That may be the megabite hog. (not sure I spelled that right)

denise said...

You sure will have a lot of updating to do to your 365 if you wait and do it on December 8th! Talk about planning ahead... ;-)

Of course I know you meant Jan 8, but couldn't resist the comment.

Hope the drive to, from, and the surgery all go smoothly tomorrow.

Debbi said...

Good catch, Denise! Yes, I meant Jan. 8, of course. Thanks for your good wishes for my husband's surgery. It's quite routine, I'm sure he'll be fine. I'll be the chauffeur for a day or two.