Thursday, February 17, 2011

Compulsive? Who, me?

Well I knocked out 10 miles yesterday in two five-mile chunks, one in the morning and the other mid-afternoon.

The morning walk included enough jogging that I averaged 3.5 mph. The afternoon? Not so much. But I still came in under 100 minutes, which is my dragging-ass, I'm-so-tired-I-need-a-nap-not-a-walk time.

The walks were bookends to a trip to town in which I stopped at my library and signed up for a NetLibrary account. If you're interested in audiobooks, check to see if your state's library system is hooked in to this resource, or if there might be another way for you to borrow them. I'll be canceling my account soon, and taking full advantage of NetLibrary!

I never thought I would enjoy listening to books as much as I have. I can barely make it through half a dozen print pages in a book or magazine before I'm nodding off. (If that's a sign of old age, don't tell me about it, 'kay?) And because I'm listening while I'm walking, the time seems to fly by and I can't wait to go walking again.

I'll have three passengers with me today on my out-of-town trip; I'm just slightly disappointed that I won't get to listen to another four hours of Cutting for Stone while I'm driving. The company will be good, though, as will the events of the day.

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gingersnapper said...

I also discovered that my library has ebooks available. They have managed to hide them very well on the website and make it extraordinarily difficult to use the system, but they are there.