Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Quote Day

We may encounter many defeats
but we must not be defeated.
Maya Angelou

That's what KOKO is all about, right?

Sometimes I do feel defeated, mostly when I'm tired, and I'm really tired right now, even though it's 7 a.m. and I should be bouncing off the walls.

I'm defeated by that darned little program on the BlackBerry that I'm supposed to be using to track my daily food intake.


I'm defeated by that piece of paper in my office with the strength-training moves on it.

But I'm not defeated. I have been through all of this in the past and come out swinging, and I will again. So why am I so tired? Too much driving, too much thinking, too many people. But I'd do it all again tomorrow if the opportunity arose.

I spent the day yesterday in our state capitol with 100 other Democratic women and more than a few legislators (who are, at their cores, politicians). (A couple of iconic photos here.) West Virginia is holding a special election to install a new governor this fall. The primary is in May, and several candidates were at our event.

When you think of West Virginia, what first comes to mind? Before I moved here, I thought of Appalachian hillbillies living in rundown shacks, coal miners with blackened faces, poverty.

After living here for 14 years, I know that West Virginia is all of that, but much, much more – beautiful mountains; clear, clean streams and rivers; natural beauty; common-sense wisdom; friendly, helpful neighbors; generous spirits; longheld, deep beliefs. And more.

What it isn't, at least any more, is King Coal. Coal is on its way out as a way to "keep the lights on," but politicians who represent us are hellbent on placating the mine owners at the expense of our natural resources. Follow the money.

I can fight that mindset (and did, yesterday, in an uncharacteristic display of courage) or I can believe that it's all bigger than I am, and that my opinion doesn't count.

At the end of the day – and, apparently, at the beginning – I'm still swinging!

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Elora said...

You go, girl! It's a "dirty job" but somebody's gotta do it! Thanks for caring and for putting your words into action.