Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Quote Day

You don't stop playing because you get old,
you get old because you stop playing.
~ George Bernard Shaw

In the book I'm "reading" (the Audible version of Born to Run), this quote is amended to read:

You don't stop running because you get old,
you get old because you stop running.

Does that mean if I start running again I'll get younger? Well, maybe.

I've been pretty lucky in my pursuit of running in that I've had very few injuries. I've had one painful bout with plantar fasciitis and I've purchased a couple different knee straps to wear when minor twinges show up. Not bad for five years of off-and-on running.

Older runners have done some remarkable things, and despite my husband's misgivings, I hope to be one. And I hope that being one will keep me active and healthy for the rest of my life, no matter how long that may be.

The biggest obstacle to my running is, of course, my weight. It stands to reason that if I weighed less, I could run more comfortably. And it also stands to reason that running could help me lose weight. It hasn't worked that way in the past, but I'm ever hopeful!

Today's quote is another way of saying what I've said many times before, in real life and on this and my old blog:

Keep on keepin' on.

It's the best way to accomplish anything.

P.S. I posted a couple of pumpkin photos on the Project 365 blog. It's the very last pumpkin from the garden, I promise. I love this pumpkin, it has the shape of a traditional Jack O'Lantern, but the skin of a butternut. I hope the seeds will produce more of the same, but there's no guarantee of that. Have a look!

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gingersnapper said...

There's a post about improving your running speed on The Great Fitness Experiment today. Maybe there's something useful for you in it.