Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not much time today …

Now that I have a laptop and highER speed internet (it's not truly high speed, but much better than dial-up), I'm spending more time web-surfing, not less, as I'd thought I might. It's just that there's so much more to look at!

I have a couple things on the agenda for today, including a long-delayed haircut right in the middle of the day. I'd rather walk earlier than later, so I'm heading out in a bit to get that done. It's chilly – I can still see frost on the grass – but not windy, as it was yesterday.

I took a picture of the wind yesterday and then a couple hours later saw the power of it when the clothesline blew down.

I'm kind of liking the way my hair looks two weeks after its original appointment to get chopped. Am thinking about maybe letting it grow longer again. We'll see. There's a point in the growing-out process where I know I'm just going to whack it all off again.

Mid-month goal check: 48 total miles (a little short of the goal), but slightly more than 60 minutes/day. I'll take it! Still no weight training. What is it about weight training that I'm so resistant to? Rhetorical question, no reply necessary. Sigh.

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denise said...

So funny that you are liking your hair longer. I'm going through the same thing - when I last went in to have roots done, I didn't have her cut it. Thought I'd probably be running in there a week later sorry that I hadn't had her do anything, but other than a chop to my bangs here and there, I'm o.k. with it.

AND, best of all ... less money spent on silly things like haircuts!