Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Home again and the February wrap-up

First, thanks so much for your quotable quotes last week! I appreciate all the inspiration.

The length of a trip is at least two or three days more than the actual trip itself. Getting ready and packing take a day or two, driving takes a day or two and decompressing takes at least a day. For my little getaway last weekend, I drove to NC and then drove the next day with my son and his family to Myrtle Beach.
View of the beach from our 15th-floor condo's balcony.
The trip was their gift to me for my birthday this year, one which ends in "0" and therefore is momentous. Since the trip began on February 25 and my birthday isn't until May 25, I'm telling everyone I'm having a three-month celebration for the big 6-0.

I had a great time, it was fun walking on the beach every day, not cooking a single meal from Thursday night until last night and enjoying some family time. The extended family is both shrinking and scattered, so it was very special that this effort was made.

The weight-training goal for February was a complete, utter, TOTAL bust. Not sure yet whether I'll try, try again. Two failed months in a row hasn't done much for my confidence in achieving it for a third.

I was a little worried that maybe I'd missed the mark with the walking goal, but I nailed it, and tacked another almost three-quarters of a mile to the desired total: 110.73 miles in 35.5 hours, or about an hour and 15 minutes every day. That's 3.11 mph, in case you're counting, so not a very swift pace, but it's done and I'm fine with it.

I did five slow miles yesterday but think it would be foolish to set a goal of 31x5 miles for March. Something will probably come up to derail my plans at least one or two days, and the rule of thumb is to increase mileage by no more than 10 percent. I think 125 miles would be a reasonable goal for March, with a secondary and non-specific goal of increasing my speed.

As for weight-training? How about if I commit to nothing at all, and surprise everyone when I report something. Exceeding a goal of zero shouldn't require much effort, right? Heh.

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