Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not the news we were hoping for

Or, if you're picky about grammar, not the news for which we were hoping.

The tumor is not in the parotid gland, which usually are benign. It is instead in a lymph node. The abnormal cells which were present are being stained and studied and the report will be available in a few days. We have an appointment Tuesday.

We didn't think we would learn as much as we did yesterday during the procedure. We kind of wish we hadn't, actually. But there are five days (counting today) between now and Tuesday, and we want to make the best of them. After that, we're probably in for a long haul of cancer treatment.

There. I said it. CANCER.

I've been dancing around that word, here and in my head, for a couple of weeks now. How is it possible that my husband can feel so good and have cancer? He's not in any pain, has no symptoms. How many 67-year-old men do you know who routinely take five-mile walks outdoors on a very hilly road? Most of the Medicare-aged gentlemen around here are parked in a La-Z-Boy watching reruns on TVLand. Not all, but most.

This is West Virginia, after all.

So we will move forward, with grace, and get through this and come out better for it, better as people and better as a couple. Better as friends (our friends are amazing and wonderful), better as parents to our respective offspring (we have no children together), better as grandparents. Better.

Thank you again, thank you always, for your good thoughts and heartfelt prayers.


altopower said...

Not the news you had hoped for at all. It will be hard the next few days until you get a final diagnosis and can map out a treatment plan. Your husband's general good health and healthy habits (is he still a non-smoker?) will help him get through whatever's next. Remember to continue to take good care of YOU so you can support him.

((( Big hugs )))

Debbi said...

Yes, Anne, he is a non-smoker! The irony is that this tumor is probably unrelated to smoking.

gingersnapper said...

Debbi, I'm so sorry it wasn't better news. I hate the terrible unfairness of cancer, sometimes it's just so senseless.

Stay strong and centered and keep going on your walks. There's no way to pretty up the difficulty of a long treatment, so all I can say is I will always be hoping for the best possible outcomes along the way for you both.


Anonymous said...

A longtime lurker here...I have to agree with Altopower all the way. Your husband's being in good shape is all to the good when it comes to the next things. As my cdouble cancer survivor friend says, take care of yourselves, and accept help when it's offered. Wishing both of you the best.

denise said...

Not the best news for sure, but it is what it is and you'll deal with it as you must.

As others have said, your husband already has a leg up on many people because of his general good health. And, any advantage is a good advantage when it comes to fighting the big C.

Thoughts and prayers continue to be with you.

Beth said...

No, definitely not the best news at all. I remember asking the very same question of the oncologist when my mom got her diagnosis: "how can it be cancer when there are no symptoms and s/he feels so good?"

I'll be thinking of you.

Mindy said...

Will certainly keep you both in my prayers. It will be hard, but you'll move forward and you'll get to the finish line. I've watched way too many friends go through this.

I know you want to take super care of him but take care of YOU too!