Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'm sorry that the blog has lately been all tumor, all the time. When I write about "normal" stuff, it feels inauthentic. (Is that a real word?)

My husband's biopsy is tomorrow. We'll be at the hospital most of the day. There are two good things about this.

1. We'll finally start getting an answer to exactly what we're dealing with. No results for a few more days, though.

2. The hospital has free wi-fi. I can downlpoad to my heart's content while he is in day surgery. Heh.

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E. Jane said...

My best wishes to you both for a good outcome tomorrow. Take care.

denise said...

Wishing you the best of luck tomorrow.

D said...

No apologies warranted. Writing helps us make sense of our lives, and it does feel inauthentic to be writing "around" the things that are most pressing. You just keep writing what you need to write :) Hang in there.

gingersnapper said...

Chickie, write what you want, we're here to read it no matter what.

Suck up all the wi-fi you can, and I hope you hear some good news in a few days.

altopower said...

As D said, write what you need to write - no apologies. I hope you get clear answers from the biopsy tomorrow, and am glad you will have online access to distract yourself while he's being checked out.

Big hugs!

Catherine said...

Good luck. Take care of both of you.