Thursday, March 10, 2011

Still H2O-less …

They worked and worked and worked, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m., but there still is something wrong. The worst part is over – mounting the huge and heavy metal box, which will protect all the switches, wires, capacitors, etc., from future damage. The work will resume tomorrow.

They (our electrician, our neighbor and my husband) got caught in a horrible rainstorm, with wild wind whipping the rain into sheets. I hope none of them get sick.

When he got home, my husband handed me the mail, saying casually, "You got a letter from the White House. Looks like a personal letter, not a form letter asking for money."

I carefully opened the envelope and it was, indeed, a letter from President Obama. When my dad died (six months ago today, and oh, how I still miss him!), it fell to the family to procure a flag to use in the flag ceremony. Our Congressman was able to give us one, but we had to ask for it and pick it up. In the past – I don't know how long ago – the color guard brought the flag with them.

So I wrote a letter a couple weeks after Daddy's service suggesting that perhaps the government could rethink this policy. And today came the response, a form letter thanking me for my thoughts.

I'm not upset about the form letter at all. I didn't expect any response, nor did I require one. I just wanted to vent, I think, and I knew someone in the White House would read it.

I've heard that President Obama reads and signs 10 letters per day. We have other Obama "signatures" to compare this one to, and it looks authentic.

A treasure for this Democrat.

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