Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two showers in less than 12 hours

Because we can!

We showered last night at the motel before we went out for dinner, and showered again this morning before we checked out.

Hopefully the water situation will be resolved this morning. The wiring is coming together as I type; once everything is mounted and put together, all we have to do is put it up on the pole. I'll be spending just a little more time with the cows today, if they're still in that pasture.

I'm not as awesome as our electrician is. He is working magic on all these switches and boxes and wires, oh my, and I didn't even search for the workout room at the hotel. I guess these monthly goals are good for working toward; if I don't reach them, I won't feel like a failure, as I will have made progress.

Some things are unavoidable. Like water problems.

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