Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm so good at maintenance

Those of you who are here to read about weight-loss know that by "maintenance" I mean maintaining one's weight, and not maintaining anything mechanical. I was in the art room when the rest of my class learned how to repair leaky faucets. Heh.

I thought it might be fun/inspiring/illuminating to reread what I was writing about a year ago.

After reading, I think it's more depressing than inspiring, because I've made no progress. None. Zilch. My weight is the same now as it was then. Thus, I can only conclude that I've got this maintenance thing down!

I'm still walking every day, still eating reasonable portions of made-from-scratch, healthful food, still doing laundry, cleaning floors, working at the garden center. Today I will clean and walk in the morning and mow in the afternoon. This mid-April day looks pretty much like last April, right down to my weight. (With, of course, a soup├žon of gratitude for my husband's good health!)

I mentioned then that the non-acceptance of my body might somehow be blocking weight loss. Maybe the new wardrobe will help in that area. I am what I am, and all I can do is work to be as healthy as possible. Being fit will make aging gracefully so much easier. But I'm vain enough to whine that I just want to look better!

As if I don't need more projects, I'm also going to begin Purging the Yarn Closet. I'm not going to have time to knit that much yarn, no matter how long I live or how fast I knit. The plan is to take everything out of the closet, keep what I love or can't replace (the long-discontinued and much-loved Brown Sheep Cotton Top 50/50 wool/cotton, for instance) and release the rest. Most will go on eBay, but I think there might be a giveaway or two here on Knit. Run. Reap. Eat. sometime in the near future. Stay tuned!

It'll be fun/inspiring/illuminating to read next year's mid-April post, to see if I followed through on this Grand Purging Plan. Heh.


denise said...

At this point I can only wish I was at the same weight as last year. I've gained 15 lbs easily - maybe I'm quite envious of your maintenance looking at it from my position.

Good luck with the cleanout. I've been doing a good bit of that myself lately and it feels good!

altopower said...

On the other hand - you're not looking back at least year and seeing that you've stopped walking or eating from the garden or gained 30 lbs, even faced with sadness and stress.

You are an inspiration for me just exactly as and where you are, because you don't flinch from seeing reality and you don't stop trying new things.

Congrats for all that you have accomplished :)