Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trying new things

Anne commented yesterday that she loved that I kept trying new things in my quest for weight loss. I've been thinking about that a lot. I'm not sure I try new things – I wouldn't know an acai berry if I saw one, for instance, and I didn't jump on the Kimkins bandwagon. What I keep trying is what should work: reasonable food intake (1500 calories/day or less, no second helpings, fresh food made from scratch, blah, blah, blah) along with daily activity (usually a five-mile walk). Normal people would lose weight doing this!

I guess that means I'm abnormal. Or maybe above normal. Paranormal?

When I read magazine articles that suggest ways to cut 100 calories/day (pretzels instead of peanuts, skim milk instead of whole, fruit spread instead of butter, bananas instead of candy bars – that's a "duh" one, isn't it?),  I already do those things most of the time, and have done them for years. You probably do, too.

There's nothing new out there that makes as much sense to me as eating reasonable amounts of healthy food and moving every day.

And so, I need to continue to shift my focus toward good health and not worry so much about having a hot body. Heh.

Yesterday's body movement activity used muscles I haven't used since last fall. The rake and I spent about an hour together after I mowed. The compost bins are full of dead leaves and kitchen scraps, but they need a large dose of green stuff in order to start cooking again. I raked four wheelbarrows full and ended up creating an additional open compost pile near the garden because I had enough material to do so. I might try to contain at some point, but I had an open pile a couple years ago that worked fine.

After the raking, I planted some daylilies, watered everything that needed watering, and used the string trimmer to tidy up a few edges.

It was a satisfying day, all in all. I'm happy that my muscles work as well as they do to accomplish all that I did. I love seeing the immediate results outside after a day of yard work – it will apparently take a while longer to see the inside results.

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altopower said...

I still think you try new things and I still love you :)