Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A little knitting, a lot of rambling

My oldest granddaughter might even be too little for this tiny shrug.
She is quite petite, but I think this is a piece that she will enjoy wearing and it should fit well. It was supposed to be a birthday gift (end of March), but we've had a lot going on around here lately. I told her I would hopefully send it before Easter. Yeah, me!

When she was little she called shrugs "shruggies," and had a couple in her dress-up box. This one isn't fancy, and will look good over a skinny tee with jeans, I think.

Bethlin, your comment on my new wardrobe was great; thanks so much for taking time to add your encouragement. You said, among other wise words, "when I feel better, I'm able to talk myself into working out or turning down free cookies," and I really took that to heart.

I've been eating rather haphazardly lately (what an understatement that is!) and so decided to start eating smart and tracking meals again. About the only thing regarding healthful eating I've hung on to is to not eat processed junk. My indulgences have been very carby (homemade bread, anyone?), and I haven't stopped to discern if I'm hungry at all. I've been feeding the emotional roller coaster, not my body. I did well yesterday, and have good plans for today. (We will definitely be eating asparagus for dinner. You could probably watch it grow, I'm amazed at how many stalks shoot up in a day's time!)

Hopefully tomorrow will be the last stop on that roller coaster. We're headed to North Carolina early in the morning to get a second opinion on my husband's neck mass, and to discuss treatment for it (probably surgery). We are, of course, hoping the second opinion agrees with the benign parotid tumor diagnosis we got last week. (Still. In. Shock.) Surgery, if indicated, won't be especially easy (my husband says there's a lot of anatomy in the neck), but it sure beats chemotherapy and radiation!


Vickie said...

I ended up having my done by a plastic surgeon. I had no issues. I was sort of immobile (no matter what part of the body moves, the neck seems to be involved) for 3 weeks recovery and then started back slowly. (I realize his might be deeper and more complex.)

denise said...

Lucky you live in the middle of nowhere (and I don't) or I would have been over at your house in a snap to take that homemade bread off your hands!

Love the shrug.