Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Morning

Now that that's over

we can get back to whatever passes for normal around here.

Normal this weekend involved heat and cleaning and dirt and heat and cooking and gardening and heat and mowing and did I mention heat? Whosoever denieth climate change is cuh-razy! 'Cause it ain't s'posed to be 90 on Memorial Day in southern West Virginia. South Florida, maybe, and definitely South Texas. But not here on my little mountain.

I'd like to invite you to eat off my floors.

First, never let it be said that I'm an early adopter. Also, I'm frugal. I've lusted for a steam mop since the Shark first hit the shelves at Sam's Club, many moons ago, but my effort and energy always trumped the cost of yet another appliance. Well Home Depot had a super sale on a less expensive model – not as sturdy as a Shark, I'm sure, but not as pricey, either, even at retail. Which I didn't pay. And you won't either since the Internet special appears to still be up and running (at least as of today).

The majority of my floors are laminate, and the way the house is laid out there are vast expanses of flooring which are not hidden by furniture. In other words, wasted floorspace which must be kept clean and presentable. If I mopped every day, I'd never be satisfied with the way they look. And trust me, I do not mop every day.

This baby worked great, and I might mop every other day from now on. If it needs it.

Not this week, though. I'm leaving tomorrow bright and early for a little getaway to

  • watch my granddaughter's dance recital, and
  • bring both my grandchildren home with me!

I predict the floors will most definitely need mopping after several days of my husband holding down the fort on his own. Heh.

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