Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Patch of blue

Did you know there was a Facebook page called Rain Rain GO AWAY? I didn't "like" it, because I can guarantee that by August everyone who grows food is going to be doing the rain dance.

I took this shot of the sky yesterday simply because the clouds parted for a second, showing us that the sky really is still up there. (I have long thought that airline pilots must be less depressed than land-dwellers simply because they see the sun more frequently than we do!)

Those teasing clouds closed up again, and this morning there was another .3 of an inch in the rain gauge, for a total of 2.5 inches this week. Gardens do well with an inch a week. Weeds do great with 2.5 inches.

The good thing is I've only planted half the 80-by-35-foot garden space, so I only have half a garden's worth of weeding to do, once it dries up. If it dries up. The remainder of the space has been plowed but not tilled, so the weeds can be tilled under instead of pulled by hand.

The weather doesn't generally affect my mood. I can almost always find things for which to be grateful (My husband doesn't have cancer! We don't live in a flood plain!) that trump the vagaries of Mother Nature. And I'm not growing all the food we're going to eat for a year, so we're not going to starve if the garden gets a late start. (We finished up last year's home-canned tomatoes yesterday. Sob.)

But I'd love to see a few sunny days strung together for a change. What's your weather like?


Anonymous said...

It's cloudy and cool here, with a chance of rain and more later in the week. We managed to plant a few things inbetween rain storms (small garden cause of house-building). Oh, well, at least we're not flooded where I live, but I feel for those folks that are.

D said...

Our lilacs are blooming! Glorious :)