Monday, May 16, 2011

Work it

Saturday was a good day to work outside, and I took advantage of it. We've decided to landscape a large area in the front yard. I started the project a week or so ago by spraying Round-up on the area to kill the grass. Here's the "before" shot (and if you also check in on my photo blog, these will look very familiar. In fact, you could just come back tomorrow! Heh.):

Massive yews have been at the corner of the driveway for 25 years. They're a good foundation so I'm keeping them. There's a little Prince Charming lilac in the center and the brown area is dead grass.

The dead-grass area has been tilled and the lilac moved closer to the house. I added a second lilac and in the center is a Heart of Gold redbud tree.

Now for the fun part: Filling in the blanks with perennials. My husband's job is to gather enough rocks to line the outer edge of the space, to make it look more finished and to mimic a couple other areas I've planted. I would love for this space to eventually be as lush and gorgeous as the one at the end of the driveway.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love working at a garden center?


denise said...

Saturday was indeed a good day to work in the garden...or the sit outside on the patio surrounded by my new garden and read a book - which is what I did.

Reading your blog always makes me feel a bit lazy (which in fact I am), but I have to say I REALLY, REALLY enjoyed kicking back in my new space - it was a perfect day for it.

denise said...

Oh, and since this is YOUR blog and my comments should really be about YOU and not ME, let me say that your plantings look great - congratulations on taking advantage of the good weather to accomplish so much!