Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And the winner is ...


Well, I am at least one winner, there will be more.

Anna and Mark are giving away Egyptian onions. Today's the last day to leave a comment on this post to be entered in the first drawing.

A couple days ago they added an additional opportunity to win a box of onions and I was the lucky winner! I've never grown Egyptian onions, but I've already harvested my garlic and those empty beds are waiting for something to be planted in them.

So go on over and try to win some onions, if you're the gardening type. (U.S. only.)

They've inspired me to come up with some kind of giveaway. It's difficult choosing a single item that would appeal to knitters, runners, reapers and eaters, so I might have to have multiple contests. In order to get the ball rolling, I'll announce the initial prize next Tuesday, July 5. (I work better when I'm on deadline.)

I walked four miles early this morning, and am so glad I got it done first thing. It's in the low 90s now, and it's hard to even stick my nose outdoors, let alone expend any energy. Severe storms will be rolling through in the next hour or so, kicking the temperature back down into the 70s.

Hope you're having a good week, wherever you are.

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