Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quickly …

I'd like to get out and walk this morning, before it gets too hot. It's supposed to rain, rain, rain later (it's Tuesday, so it's going to rain), which is another reason to walk now. (As for the Tuesday-rain connection, I volunteer at Alderson Federal Prison on Tuesday evenings, and three out of the past five have been rainy/stormy enough to close the compound.)

Didn't walk yesterday, even though I'd planned to. I ended up with three consecutive rest days. Not three slacker days, mind you. Rest days. Heh.

I did laundry and a little gardening yesterday, picking enough lettuce, cabbage leaves, basil, peas and onions for a nice salad topped with grilled chicken and feta. There was even one tomato to share between the two salad bowls. I love free food, especially when I grow it!

I have more to say, and will try to post again later. A teaser: I'm a winner!

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