Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Quote Day

It's never too late
to be who you might have been.
~ George Eliot

Unless, of course, you've been eating potatoes all your life.

Did y'all read about the latest reason why people are fat? Those fluffy, innocent, fat-free (sans toppings) spuds are now to blame. (I'm sure the potato and snack-food lobbyists will be coming out with a statement refuting the study soon.) Chips and fries are worse than bakers, of course. But you knew that, and you haven't eaten a chip in years, right? Yeah, me, either.

The study associated different foods with rates of weight gain (or loss). Yogurt was found to be the best food for not gaining:
The data also showed that eating specific high-quality foods was linked with less weight gain over time. In fact, the more daily servings people ate of fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and yogurt, the less weight they gained. The yogurt finding — each extra daily serving prevented 0.82 lbs. of weight gain — was unexpected, Mozaffarian says: "This clearly deserves further attention to determine if this is cause-and-effect and, if so, why."

I'm beyond middle-aged, and have little hope of ever getting back to my high-school weight. (Also? I thought I was enormous in high school. 135 pounds. Enormous.) My meals are home-cooked and healthfully prepared now, for the most part. I already don't eat potatoes more than once a week. My grain-based foods are whole, not refined.

But there's always room for improvement. And making yogurt is on today's to-do list.


gingersnapper said...

Ha ha, I weighed 135 in high school (same height as you) and thought I was a BLIMP.

There are so many changing, conflicting opinions about what food to eat/not to eat. I think the MOST important thing, for health, is to eat real food, as Michael Pollan says. That's getting harder to find; did you see that article about more cellulose (wood pulp) being added to foods?

The only thing about potatoes and grains (and sugar) for me is that since I've started eating primally, I discovered that those foods make me very hungry. They might not be causers of weight gain themselves, but I'd say they're definitely detrimental to the process, just because they contribute to the obsession and struggle.

denise said...

I'm with you guys - only I apparently really WAS a blimp, as I weighed 145+ in high school.

I look back at pictures of me then and think how much I would appreciate being that weight now. Youth is wasted on the young!