Thursday, June 23, 2011

Over the hump

Every day I feel a little more energetic, a little more together, not quite so fractured.

In addition to a couple naps on Monday, I also got my walking program back in gear. I've walked 15 miles this week already, and today will be a rest-from-walking day. I need to get the oil changed in my car this morning and my husband and I are meeting another couple for breakfast. The skies look threatening; I might end up doing some heavy cleaning if it rains.

Our weekend guests won't arrive until late Friday evening, so I'll have today and tomorrow to prepare. I'm stocked up on sippy cups and apple juice, fruit and Goldfish crackers. What else do three-year-old boys need? Heh. It will be my husband's job to buy the worms. He's hoping the triplets will catch their first fish in our pond.

My grandson caught a couple whoppers when he was here. Not as whopping as the record-breaking catfish snagged last week in North Carolina, but pretty darned big for a farm pond. Two were four- or five-pound bass and one was a five-pound catfish. We believe in catch-and-release around here, mostly because no one wants to clean them!

My walking plan is to do 25 miles a week, five miles for five days, with two rest days thrown in. (Saturday will be my second rest day this week.) So far this activity and monitoring my intake hasn't resulted in any weight loss, but it's pretty early and my metabolism is pretty slow. At any rate, I think the walking has contributed to my improved mood, and I'll keep on keepin' on. After all, what's the alternative?

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