Monday, June 6, 2011

Normal 2.0

Yesterday was a drive, drive, drive, lunch, drive, drive, drive, HOME day. And both of my daughter's children (14 and 10) came with me. This is the first extended visit for my 10-year-old grandson; his sister spent a week with us last summer.

They're both very excited to be spending time in the country. They live in a suburb of Nashville and while Nashville sounds "country," that description is limited to the music for my daughter's family. They've been invited to help my neighbor bale hay (which means sitting in the cab of his tractor while the baler does all the work), they'll be going fishing every day in our pond, they're going to help plant the remainder of the garden and then they'll reap some of the rewards: there are lots of peas ready to pick and shell.

Until they wake up, though, I'll be catching up with the laundry and taking over the watering chores, which my husband stepped in to do while I was gone.

My granddaughter's recital was terrific. Her dance studio's spring program is a father- and brother-friendly play, rather than a traditional dance program, and this year they did Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Her character, the Candy Man, sold the winning ticket to Charlie. The dance version of the story takes some liberties with the book or film versions, to feature all the students, so the Candy Man actually had quite a presence, and she did a great job. She dances as naturally as most of us walk!

I managed to get two decent walks in, early Friday and Saturday morning. The only time you could stand to be outdoors was early, it was so very hot and humid there. I was especially proud of myself for making the effort, it would have been so easy to bag it.

Posts will probably be spotty this week. It's good to be home, and really good to have the kids here.


gingersnapper said...

That's great, I'll bet the kids will love spending time on the "farm." Definitely put them to work as much as possible :)

Catherine said...

Sounds lovely.