Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Quote Day

The best way to find yourself
is to lose yourself in service to others.
~ Mahatma Ghandi

Today's quote is a fitting tribute to my friend and sponsor. For more than 35 years – that's how long she was sober – she followed AA's suggestions and practiced its principles, including the one to "help others." I was so lucky to have met her when I needed her (that's pretty much how it works), and I'm so grateful for her many years of guidance, understanding, patience and love.

I'm in Tennessee now, have been here since Wednesday afternoon, enjoying time with my daughter and her family. My granddaughter's dance recital is Saturday. She and her brother will then be coming home with me to West Virginia.

If it was raining somewhere a couple weeks ago, it's hot there now. That goes for where I live and where I'm visiting, and it makes doing anything outdoors extremely uncomfortable. My desire to be comfortable trumps my desire to burn calories and I'm somewhat disgusted with myself about it.

When I'm using my body – exercising my muscles, moving my limbs – I'm aware of what I can do. When I'm lounging around trying to avoid exertion so as not to sweat, I'm aware of all that I cannot do. Ultimately I'm not comfortable anyway; I might as well take a walk, right? The kids won't be up for a while, so I think that's exactly what I'll do.

I hope one positive step will lead to another (less snacking?) and another (drinking water instead of soda?) and another (_________________________). My healthy habits have taken a nosedive recently, understandable, perhaps, when one's routine is upset, but it's never too late to change course and get back on track.

I have a handful of excuses for not starting over. Who starts over on Friday, on the third day (instead of the first) of the month, when you're at someone else's home, after a great personal loss? Who does that?

I guess I do. Heh.

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