Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To answer a question …

Gingersnapper asked if I sponsor anyone in AA, and the answer, in a word, is no. In my 20-plus years of recovery, I have sponsored several women for short periods of time, but sponsorship is not my gift.

My sponsor was wonderful – generous and insightful, with the uncanny ability to put her finger on the crux of the problem almost instantly. Carolyn could talk me down in five minutes from whatever crisis I thought I was in when I called her.

She never once shared her story of recovery in front of a group, though, a form of AA service that doesn't bother me in the least.

Our various strengths and weaknesses allow us to appreciate what we can do and to be grateful for others' gifts.

I'm searching for a new sponsor. One of the first things Carolyn did when her sponsor died was to find a new one, and I figure if she did it, I should, as well. She was such a good example for me, in all things. But until I find someone who has what I want (the only real criteria for finding a sponsor), I will continue to ask: WWCD?

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