Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Lion!

Yes, I'm an early adopter, and in this case I probably should have waited. Fortunately I'll be near an Apple store in a couple of weeks and maybe they can help me undo what I've done.

For you non-Mac readers, Apple released its latest, greatest Operating System, Lion, yesterday, and I jumped right in. Downloaded, installed, didn't even blink. Everything's working smoothly. Except Adobe InDesign, the graphic design application I use.

Which is a pretty big deal for someone who does a lot of graphic design. Grrr.

I have an older Mac that runs InDesign perfectly, so I'm not completely left in the lurch. But I think I'll ask the nice Apple tech support people to partition my laptop and put the previous OS there, just so I can use one program.

Sorry I was AWOL yesterday. Weeding the tomatoes, and tying them up again, took all morning and part of the afternoon, and it was so-so-so hot I didn't have any energy left to type. Heh.

Seven inches long.
Thanks for all your comments; keep 'em coming if you want to win the latest book! For Mindy, I use an entire smallish dill head in my pickle jars. Some of my dill heads are gigantic, more like one huge head made up of scores of little ones. As blogless longtime lurker said, they do look pretty in the jars.

Arms hurt. Back hurts. Hammies hurt.
After all that weeding (four hours yesterday, five today, are homegrown tomatoes worth all this trouble? Why, yes, yes they are!), I went to yoga last night. As I was working in the garden, I was conscious of using downward-facing dog as I dug and pulled and scratched out the weeds at the base of each plant. So of course the yogi concentrated on downward-facing dog last night. Fortunately there were some other moves thrown in, particularly some twists that helped get a kink out of my lower back. A kink put there by downward-facing dog, I'm sure.

Today is going to be one of record-breaking heat, and I'm having a truckload of mulch delivered. Bad timing on my part, but it will keep me away from the computer. I keep clicking on InDesign, hoping it's changed its mind and will start running again.

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Mindy said...

I'm waiting for the heat to break a little but thanks for the advice on the dill head in each jar. I'll have to see if I can harvest enough to do that.