Saturday, August 20, 2011

So wrong.

On so many levels.

Click for the grossest pizza you've never wanted to eat. (The person who created liked it, and you might, too. But seriously? I doubt it. 'Cuz I know you guys.)

Me? I'm making mozzarella to top my whole-wheat homemade crust and sliced fresh tomato. I'll throw on some pepperoni to keep my husband happy.


  1. I would be in bed with a headache for a WEEK if I ate that thing...

  2. Nothing could ever make me eat that "pizza", unless maybe I were stranded at the peak of Mt. Everest ... make that outer space... or a really cool abandoned underwater spy headquarters... and those were the only supplies I'd brought with me. I guess I'm relatively safe.

  3. Not of any interest to me at all - and there's no much food I can say that about!

    I would definitely go for the real thing rather than the pizza flavored thing - I can almost feel myself bloating up from all the salt from that stuff!


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