Thursday, August 18, 2011

Too close … for a picture

When you are groggily searching for your favorite mug and wishing you'd put the coffee on auto-start, the last thing you can wrap your brain around is setting up the camera to take pictures of THE TWO DEER IN YOUR FRONT YARD!

Hershey, our eight-year-old part chocolate Lab, was on it, though. Not taking a picture, but chasing them off the property. They're getting bolder and bolder. They ran into the field adjacent to our yard and stopped, not even bothering to hightail (hah! That's exactly what they do!) it into the woods.

My coffee and I took a perfunctory walk around the landscape bed to make sure they hadn't nibbled anything, then walked around the vegetable garden. All that corn and they didn't even touch it.

I think I'll put the electric fence up next year, though.

Deer don't like squash, so I always plant that along the perimeter. I also have marigolds at the far end, where deer are most likely to enter. They don't care for the smell, and marigolds also keep other pests away.

You could look it up. I'm too lazy this morning. But my primitive deer-proofing is working so far. And Hershey, of course, is the best deterrent of all.

Or tired, maybe. Yesterday's workout was brought to you by HERBS. As in, I laid the foundation for the most awesome herb bed in the county. I thought this was going to be an hour-long job; it ended up taking two and a half hours.

I'll post all the details – with pictures – tomorrow. Right now, I need more coffee.

So glad y'all like the meat-and-three post yesterday. Here's the "three" we had last night. It almost qualifies for the raw-food plan. (I've linked to my favorite tabbouleh recipe.)

From front to back: Chunky Gazpacho, Black Bean and Corn Salad, Tabbouleh

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gingersnapper said...

Oh that is wonderful food porn. I am DROOLING.

I have lived in the South for 20 years, and have never heard it called Meat and Three! I've certainly been to plenty of restaurants who serve that way, but never heard that term. Oh well, they probably hide their secret language from Yankees. Also, unless it's barbecue, I don't frequent those restaurants, because the three usually consist of over-cooked, heavily-salted, probably canned vegetables.

We have deer all the time. We're on the edge of town, not in the middle of nowhere, but there's a lot of undeveloped land around us and we're close to some state parks. I love seeing them, but it makes driving very tense - they are all over the place and we see too many dead on the side of the road. No matter how cautious you are, they do tend to leap out from nowhere.

Ivan used to stalk them from window-to-window when he was a kitten; now I think he's figured out the relative scale and realizes they're not a likely prey.

I use the marigold trick with my little herb garden, and it does work pretty well.