Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Quote Day

The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed.
Richard B. Sheridan

Well, it's a nice theory, anyway.

Actually the surest way not to fail is to set reasonable, achievable goals. Oh, and lower your expectations. Heh.

I'm doing a little better emotionally this morning. I took a nap yesterday afternoon and I went to bed at 8 p.m., not reading even one screen's worth on the Nook before I went to sleep. I think toddling off to bed right after Jeopardy might officially make me an "old" person.

Let's talk about something else today, something not related to my inability to exercise. (Okay, one thing: My heel pain this morning, after just one day of rest, was reduced significantly, surprisingly so. I thought this heel healing would take weeks, as it did the last time I had plantar fasciitis. Perhaps not.)

Do you ever click on any of the blog links in the sidebar on the lower left side of this page? Did you even know that list was there? I know it's hard to get to, with all the other Important Stuff in that column. Some bloggers click through from their own pages to read what their favorite writers are up to. I use Google Reader for that, but I like to include my faves on my blog for your inspiration.

I've added a few new links recently, most having to do with food – the "reaping" and "eating" part of the Knit/Run/Reap/Eat brand. 100 Days of Real Food and Kath Eats Real Food fall into the food category, but they have very different approaches.

I found Kath quite a while ago through a friend of a friend. Her blog is photo-heavy, so if you're still on dial-up (and if you are, I hope you'll soon have a wi-fi option – I know what it's like living in slow-mo while the rest of the internet speeds by you) you might want to pass. Kath snaps pictures (lots o' pictures) of each of her meals and posts three times a day. It would take me an hour just to style, shoot, edit, upload and post the photos. My food would be cold by then. That said, her breakfast concoctions and lunch salads are inspiring, and if you're looking for good restaurants in the Charlottesville, VA, area, she and her husband eat dinner out fairly frequently.

Lisa, of 100 Days, explains her goals and motivations here, and invites you to play along. She and her family live in Charlotte, NC, and I'm intrigued by a couple of resources I've found while reading her blog, especially the Hillbilly Produce Market. We have family in Charlotte, and I think I'll look for this market next time we're there for a visit. Some of her recipes sound delicious, Pin-worthy even.

My favorite new blog is Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda. I can't pigeonhole Mir. She's a professional blogger who writes about everyday life in her family, but I find her style and voice hilarious. Even when nothing funny happens, she manages to write about it in a humorous way. Well, it's humorous to me, anyway. Tell her I sent you. She has no idea who I am.

I hope both of you have a great weekend. I'll be traveling for the best kid's holiday of the year, spending it again with my younger granddaughter. I'm the candy-passer-outer. Let's hope I don't pass out from eating too much candy. (I need to be my own Snack Nazi: No snacks for you! If I do indulge, I promise to journal it.)

Thanks again for your support, encouragement, suggestions and kicks in the butt this week. I can never get enough. I'm greedy like that. Heh.

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Mir said...

Sure I do! You're Debbi. And you like my blog, therefore you are pretty. ;)

(Seriously, thanks for the shout out!)