Thursday, November 3, 2011

Salad days

I frequently have a meal-sized salad in warm weather, but relegate them to the side during fall and winter. During October, though, when I was creating the habit of eating three meals a day with no snacks in between, I had a lunchtime salad almost every day. Come to think of it, many years ago, when I lost about 50 pounds and got down to a size 6 (yes. me. a size 6.), I ate a daily salad at lunchtime.

Romaine, onions, walnuts, Craisins, goat cheese, oil & vinegar.

Anyway. The salad we had last night with our grass-fed beef burgers and oven-roasted "fries" was delicious, and hit the spot for freshness and flavor. I don't like and won't eat a bland lettuce-carrot-onion salad dressed with something gloppy from a bottle. And I don't mix the dressing and pour it on the greens in individual salad bowls.

My ritual is to tear the greens (organic romaine, usually) into a largish bowl, add whatever goodies I'm adding (last night was a handful of toasted walnuts, some Craisins and an onion from the garden), top it with cheese (goat is nice) and then add oil and vinegar. I toss it all together with tongs until the goat cheese, oil and vinegar coat the whole mess o'greens and then I place it in serving bowls.

It's so creamy and delicious you'll think you've topped it with something gloppy from a bottle!

I seriously had forgotten about that salad lunch all those years ago. I, along with my daily menu, was even featured in a weight-loss article for a local magazine. I've gotten rid of the dress I wore for the photo shoot, but I'd sure love to have another picture in the same pose when I get back down there again.

You'll be the first to see it. I promise.

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denise said...

Color me jealous again...I love a good salad but the salad gods seem to be against me these days. Bought lettuce last week - when I went to use it I found bugs in it! Went to the store to buy more and what they had was so miserable looking that I skipped it. The only decent looking stuff was the kind that comes in a bag already torn up - that stuff gives me the creeps and if you don't eat it all the day you open it, it goes bad.

I'm going to stop at Publix on the way home tonight. Fingers crossed that I am able to get some decent lettuce, cause like you, I love a good salad - and I've actually been craving it lately!