Monday, December 26, 2011

Done, done and DONE!

All in all, we had a lovely holiday this year. I'm usually depressed because Christmas just isn't as it used to be (and why should it be? I'm 60, not six). The usual (husband's) family drama was kept to a minimum. His mother loved her gift (a digital photo frame filled with old and new family pix), and promised to return yet another jacket (this makes five consecutive years she's given me a jacket that doesn't fit) and choose something from a gourmet cookware shop instead.

My ideal Christmas this year would have been away I'd have loved to have taken a little trip, but it wouldn't be nice to leave my mother-in-law alone on the holiday. (My husband is an only child.) He and I are going away the end of January as our gift to each other.

The first thing I did Christmas morning was admire the very heavy
frost covering everything outside. It looked like it snowed from a distance!
My menu worked out great and all the food was delicious and devoured. I was the only one who ate any Waldorf salad, but since that's my family's holiday tradition, I was fine with that. My husband and his mother always want sauerkraut for holidays (never heard of that one), and there was none left over.

Time to get back on the healthy living track. I started yesterday by taking a two-mile walk around 4 in the afternoon. My October attempt at creating several healthful habits has totally sputtered out – I think sugar overload will do that to you. The least I can do is begin drinking lots of water again. That was, by far, the most effective habit I worked on, so why not start again? In fact, hold on a minute while I go fill my cup.

My ginger-haired friend has been fasting one day a week, and I'm thinking of following her lead.

There are so many things I've done in the past that have worked well for me, I have to wonder what is it that makes me stop doing them? It's easy to blame it on the holidays (and, to be sure, October probably wasn't the best month to begin, with the holidays right around the corner), but lots of people sail through Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's without packing on pounds and totally giving up the good-for-you stuff.

This is starting to feel like True Confessions. That's not my intent. I just want to get focused again, and this week between Christmas and New Year's will be all about focusing.

Who's with me?

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