Sunday, January 8, 2012

And another thing I don't do much in the country …

is go to the movies.

With my grandson gone in one direction and my granddaughter in another, my daughter and I spent part of yesterday afternoon with George Clooney and his Descendants. Fascinating movie, good story and great acting, particularly by Shailene Woodley, who played Clooney's older daughter.

It's on Entertainment Weekly's list of 25 films to see before Oscar night. Whew. Checked that one off the list. Heh.

Set in Hawaii, I was struck by the dark cinematography. Long shots of sea and sky showed cloudy skies. City shots were hustle and bustle. Beach scenes were mostly messy, untidy, completely unlike the travel-brochure image most of us on the mainland have of the islands.

All in all, I give it two thumbs up. As if you care.

I will be missing my walk tomorrow, as I'll be driving all day and will lose an hour going from CST to EST. But I'm getting ready to head out now, and this will be the 14th consecutive day I've walked, beginning Christmas afternoon. I think I can safely take a day off.

Food has been sketchy, I'm sorry to say. Haven't been logging what I eat, haven't been drinking as much water as I do at home. I'm watching portion sizes carefully though. I'll take my successes wherever I can find them.


denise said...

Thanks for the movie review. It's one that has looked good in the previews but then I hear/see reviews that make it sound kind of heavy and I've shied away from it...

Actually, that sounds like I go to the movies all the time - which I don't. Not that I don't live close - there's a 24 screen theatre probably a mile and half from my house as the crow flies and not that much further driving.

But it's gotten so time seems so precious as I get older - there's never enough of it and everything seems to take longer than I think it should, so by the time you factor in the time for the movie itself plus the drive/wait time before and after, it's just more time than I'm usually willing to give up.

Plus, there's often not a lot of stuff I want to see at any given time. Every year I say I'm going to go see all of the best picture nominees, but so far I never have even come close. Maybe this will be the year!

Anne M. said...

Anything with George Clooney in it automatically is on my "to watch" list, so thanks for the review! And yes, I do care :)

Safe travels home.