Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Arghhh ...

I just read Anne's lovely comment on yesterday's post, in which she said I was in a good place in so many ways. She should know; Anne's been reading my drivel for years, and has been through many of my ups and downs both at the Shrinking Knitter and here.

Isn't she pretty? And she used to work!
I'm actually not in a good place rightnowthisminute, but it's a technical glitch between my laptop and a wireless mouse that USED TO WORK, before the most recent OS update. I've been trying to fix the problem for, oh, more than an hour now.

I don't need the mouse to do the work I have to do this morning, but working in Excel is easier when I can click-and-drag with a device rather than with my index finger.

Thus the "arghhh" and head-banging and other frustration noises you've been hearing from the Middle of Nowhere.

If you happen to have a MacBook Air and a Logitech M305 Bluetooth mouse that do work together, could you please share the magic words with me?

As both of you know, I love me some technology. But it's times like these that try women's souls.

Other things that try my soul:
  • When my husband goes into one of his moody, broody places, especially when I don't know what's wrong.
  • When Hershey won't come when she's called, especially when I need her to come in because I'm going somewhere. (I don't leave her outdoors when no one is home, not even for a little bit.)
  • When the brew pause feature on the coffeemaker suddenly and inexplicably fails.
  • When the oven won't heat up. (The heating element sometimes needs to be jiggled back in place. Jiggling has saved me lots o'cashmoneybucks in repair or replacement costs.)
  • Fruit flies. I guess if you have indoor fruit trees, you stand a chance of having fruit flies, no matter what the temperature is outside. I killed half a dozen of them last night in a 10-minute span. I hope there's no such think as fruit-fly karma.
Looking at that list, there's absolutely nothing on it about poor health or financial distress. So, really, I should just delete the whole shebang. But writing it down typing it out actually helped me come to a place where I can share things that soothe my soul:
  • Text messages or phone calls from any of my grandchildren.
  • Seeing a picture of my dad. I sure miss him, but it comforts me to know he's no longer in pain.
  • Home-cooked meals.
  • The women I serve at the AA meeting at Alderson FPC.
  • This.
Feel free to add to either of these lists! And have a tech problem-free, soul-soothing day, won't you?


E. Jane said...

Sometimes it's the little things that drive us crazy. I love your list of "things that soothe your soul." It's so important that we have those things. Have a great weekend!

Debbi said...

Thanks so much Jane ... I should do one of those soul-soothing lists every day. I immediately got calm and stopped throwing things. Heh.

denise said...

Must be some bad Tech Mojo in the air...I've been fighting network/printer issues all week.

Unknown said...

Your beautiful sunrise photo soothed my soul tonight. Thank you!


Debbi said...

Thanks, Marilyn! Hope you and yours are doing well.