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Just when I thought I'd have to skip a day …

I got tagged.

How cool is it that I don't have to think this morning? Well, that's not really true, there's a lot of thinking to go along with this post. But at least it's directed thinking. Because seriously? I don't have a thing in my brain to write about today.

Shannon at The Warden's Log wants to know 11 things about me. Then she wants me to answer some specific questions. Then I have to come up with more questions to ask 11 of you. There are rules! Sounds pretty complicated for this early in the morning, but here goes.

11 Things About Me
This is the plane I learned to fly.
It's called a Citabria, which is aerobatic
spelled backwards. Sorta.
  1. I'm a private pilot, single-engine, land.
  2. I've been knitting for more than 50 years.
  3. The only foreign country I've been to is Canada. Does that count?
  4. I've seen Bob Dylan in concert at least a dozen times and own all of his CDs except one. (Live at Budokon.)
  5. I've been sober more than 20 years.
  6. I drove a restored 1950 Hudson to high school.
  7. The first car I bought on my own was a Volkswagon Karmann Ghia. I loved that car.
  8. My current husband is my fourth.
  9. I was a cat person until I got Lindy, a chocolate Lab who instantly transformed me into a dog person.
  10. During my first trip to New Orleans, when I was 11 years old, I announced I was going to be an artist.
  11. Some of my pen-and-ink illustrations have been published in magazines.
Okay, now Shannon wants to know:
  1. Who is your favorite singer (or band)? Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan.
  2. Cary Grant or George Clooney? George.
  3. Canceled TV show you miss the most? American Dreams.
  4. Most annoying habit? Interrupting when someone else is talking.
  5. Best facial feature? I have good skin and don't use anything to keep it that way.
  6. Favorite season and why? Spring, because I can start planting food!
  7. Did you see The Artist? Sadly, no. (It's a two-hour round-trip to a multiplex cinema and the local one-screen theatre only screens family-friendly movies.)
  8. Favorite book as a child? The Wind in the Willows.
  9. Have you seen the first person you kissed in the last 10 years? No, not in the last 45 years.
  10. Favorite movie made before 1970. The Parent Trap.
  11. If you have children, who are they named after? My daughter isn't named after anyone, my son's middle name is his father's first name.
  12. Sidney Poitier or Denzel Washington? Oooh, that's a tough one. Denzel, I think. And that's 12 questions, so I might have to say both.
Finally, your questions, whether you get tagged or not. If you're as uninspired today as I was when I opened the laptop, feel free to answer these questions:
  1. First job?
  2. GPA in high school?
  3. Favorite beverage?
  4. Most inspiring quote?
  5. Last movie you saw?
  6. What's on your nightstand?
  7. Do you take a daily medication (vitamins don't count)?
  8. What famous person would you invite to dinner?
  9. How would you spend your lottery winnings?
  10. Where do you want to retire?
  11. Your last meal?
The rules:
  1. Post these rules on your blog.
  2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
  3. Answer the questions set for you by the person who tagged you.
  4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag.
  5. Let them know you tagged them.
  6. You legitimately have to tag 11 people, but if you don't know 11 bloggers, tag as many as you can.
This is the hardest part for me. I hate to impose on anyone and I'm not nosy by nature. (Not that Shannon is nosy, this was fun and interesting and more challenging than I thought it would be!) I'm going to cop out on tagging others and invite anyone who reads this to follow through, with a request to come back and link to your post in the comments. Anyone wanna play?


denise said…
This comment pertains to your "before an after" pictures...which indicates that new comments are not allowed... ???

First, I think the choice of baggy clothing does make it hard to see the difference, but I definitely see one. In the Feb pic, it seems to me that you look thinner around the face/neck and across the chest specifically, but just in general, I can see a difference - so it's definitely working.

And, the fact that one month of changed diet and exercise has allowed you to do away with your glasses is amazing! ;-)

I still picture you with short hair, so it was a surprise to see it so long! You have more patience than I do to grow it out - plus, on me, long hair just doesn't work. But now that I'm unemployed, I wish it did so I could save the money required to keep a short cut looking good.

I look forward to seeing the March photo where I'm sure that even baggy clothing won't hide the significant difference in your size!
denise said…
I don't have a blog, so I thought I'd throw out a few answers here for your personal amusement:

First job? Working in the dining halls at Penn State

GPA in high school? That was...uh...a few years ago now. It was 3.something - no clue on the specific number though...

Favorite beverage? On a good day, it's water. But even on a bad day, it changes - most of the time I would say tea - hot or iced, but occasionally I will experience a really big craving for a soft drink when I prefer Diet Pepsi but can make due with Diet Coke or Coke Zero.

Most inspiring quote? Can't think of most inspiring...there have been lots.

Last movie you saw? I think it's called "This is War" or something like that - with Reese Witherspoon. It was cute and entertaining - not Oscar material by any means.

What's on your nightstand? A lamp, a clock radio, phone, and a picture of my nephews.

Do you take a daily medication (vitamins don't count)? Yes - prilosec

What famous person would you invite to dinner? None if I had to cook it - it would be too embarrassing. If I was to invite the out for dinner, then ... hmmm... so many to choose from... probably Oprah I guess.

How would you spend your lottery winnings? First, I would use it to hire a really good financial and legal advisors to figure out how to minimize taxes and keep the winnings a secret! Then, I would buy a new car to replace mine that's almost 18 years old. After that I would probably pay off my mortgage and the mortgages for both my brothers and put some money in trust for my nephews. I would definitely want to travel some. Finally, I would look at how to best contribute to worthy causes.

Where do you want to retire? Somewhere fun - and affordable!

Your last meal? As in the last one I ate today - breakfast of oatmeal with raisins and flaxseed - or the one I would want to have for my last meal ever - which I'm not totally sure of, but would definitely include mashed potatoes! In fact, if I knew at the time it was my very last meal, it would probably be mashed potatoes, french fries, hash browns, sweet potato soufflé, ... well, you get the idea. I love my starches - especially potatoes!

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And the winner is …

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