Thursday, February 9, 2012

Still no mouse ...

Well, except for THE REAL ONE that wandered up through the ductwork and got caught in a sticky trap.

They really are barbaric, those sticky traps, but at least you can hear the mouse ticking its little claws on the floor, trying to get away, and you can dispose of the whole mess. As opposed to having one get caught in a spring-loaded trap and then just lie there rotting until the guest room smells like, well, a dead mouse.

Ask me how I know of such things. Heh.

My computer and my wireless mouse are still not speaking to each other, but my index finger worked pretty well on the touchpad and I made a huge, HUGE, HUGE amount of progress on the job I've been working on. My client is pleased, I am pleased and despite the fact that I know very little about birthin' websites, we're going to be blessed with one soon. I'm waiting on the client to provide more data before I can continue. It's a tedious process, what she's doing, and it will be so worth it to her when it's done.

We woke up to a light snow yesterday, which – in the past – would have kept me home from the gym. Um, if I'd had a gym. Which I didn't, but I do now! Yay! I called to make sure they were open and learned that my road out here in the Middle of Nowhere was the only snow-covered one between here and there. Armed with four-wheel-drive (and not needing it at all, as it turned out), I made it for workout #8. I'm still doing two sets on most of the circuit training machines, but I'm up to 15 reps now. (Plus I'm doing pyramids on the leg press – 90x15, 110x15, 130x15, 110x15 and 90x15. I love the leg press.) And I'm well into the second season of Glee, which makes walking on the treadmill a whole lot more manageable.

May I bore you with one more wheatgrass photo? Pretty please with sugar-free Jell-O on top? I posted it on Facebook last night, so if you're one of my friends you've probably already seen it. (And if you're not, you can click my name over there in the righthand column to friend me. I'll warn you, though, I wax pretty political on FB.)

Okay, so we're eating dinner and now that the grass is the new centerpiece,
I can't help but notice all these little dewdrops on the tips of each blade.
I put the soup spoon down, got the camera and started snapping. I'm
calling it the Wheatgrass Diet. Look for it on soon. Heh.


jen said...

I have one four-legged mousetrap and one three-legged one. :)

Debbi said...

I'm intrigued ... I'm assuming the four-legged one is the cat. What's the three-legged one?