Thursday, February 9, 2012

What a DOOFUS I am!

I've spent so much time trying to connect my wireless mouse to my computer. I've Googled and searched user forums and tried all the fixes out there, to absolutely no avail.

Apparently there are a boatload of Mac users whose Bluetooth peripherals quit working after the most recent Lion OS upgrade. And there are lots of step-by-step solutions, beginning with turn the computer off and back on again, and going all the way up to reinstalling the OS.

I finally called Logitech Customer Support. The very nice young man (thank you, Chris!) first asked if I'd remembered to plug the USB receiver in.


Because everyone else on the internets was having trouble with a Bluetooth device, I just assumed that's what I was dealing with. I rooted around in the little basket where I throw all my computer cords and there, down in the bottom, was a tiny little USB thingie, imprinted with a Logitech logo.

Chris was sooooo gracious. Kudos to Logitech for hiring tech support people who have the good manners not to tell old ladies they probably shouldn't be playing with computers anyway. Heh.

To be fair to myself, I'd only used the wireless mouse a couple of times prior to upgrading my OS. Not having much familiarity with the device, I suppose I could be forgiven for forgetting about the tiny little receiver that makes the mouse work. Duh.


denise said...

Funny - when I read your post yesterday I was tempted to ask if you had checked the battery in your mouse - that used to stump me all the time with my wireless mouse. Never thought of the USB part though - just assumed you had been using it recently and it just stopped working.

I only use a mouse when I use a PC. On my Macbook, I find the touchpad much more comfortable to use - once I got used to things going "backwards" and learned the significance of the # of fingers etc.

In any case, having worked in customer support for many years, I can tell you it's always the simple stuff that gets you - because our minds just naturally leap to the more dire problems and overlook checking out the obvious, so you can rest assured that you were not the first - nor will you be the last - person of any kind (man, woman, young, old) that Chris has had this conversation're in good company!

Debbi said...

The touchpad is enough for everything except lassoing a section of an Excel spreadsheet. I managed yesterday, but it took longer without the mouse. Thanks for your reassurance that it's not just me!