Sunday, March 18, 2012

50 years ago

Bob Dylan released his first album in March of 1962. I was 11. I didn't start listening to Dylan then. "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" got me started a couple years later. I still have that 45 RPM. Somewhere.

I imagine some of you are clicking away right about now. Dylan is underappreciated by many, because of his nasal vocals, his notable unwillingness to sing the same song twice in the same way, his moodiness and lack of discipline.

But I like him and it's my blog. So there. Heh.

When I got divorced the third time I decided I would take a little bit of my money that I was earning and begin collecting everything Dylan had recorded on CD. I had a lot of vinyl, pretty much skipped 8-tracks, only had a few cassettes. I much preferred listening to records but when CDs came along, well – I was hooked. I remember marveling at how simple it was to skip to my favorite track, without having to peer down and count the little stripes and then hope I didn't scratch the record when I put the needle back down. (Most of our grandchildren have no idea what I'm talking about.)

My, my, my, I do love technology!

I bought one CD every payday and eventually I collected all but one, a live album that was universally panned. I'm not as much a fan of live albums as I am of studio recordings. But I love going to concerts. Go figure. I've continued to buy new releases as they come out. As I age, I wonder which of my heirs is going to be the keeper of the Dylan?

Amnesty International has released an album called "Chimes of Freedom," an homage to Dylan's music covered by scores of other artists. AI has been doing its good work for 50 years, as well. There's a movement afoot to make Pete Seeger the oldest vocalist to top the record charts (Tony Bennett currently holds that distinction). Seeger's rendition of "Forever Young" (my favorite, favorite, favorite Dylan song, partly because my maiden name is Young but mostly because it's such a beautiful piece) with The Rivertown Kids is well worth your buck.29.

(So is Adele's "Make You Feel My Love," for that matter. But that's a tangent I hadn't intended to take here.)

Anyway. I'm writing about this because I listened to a lot of the album last night and it's all fresh and beautiful in my mind. And if this Sunday morning starts out fresh and beautiful because of some Dylan tunes, then that's worth writing about. I'm going to crank it up and hope the whole day stays like this.


gingerzingi said...

I am so clicking away :)

I don't _dislike_ Dylan, I just never "got" him. I never got the Beatles, either, so obviously the problem is with me! In your honor, I will go watch some youtubes of B.D. and see if I have any epiphanies.

Kathy said...

There is nothing better than rocking out to your favorite tunes for inspiration. Music inspires me all the time!!

Great post!!


Lou said...

thanks for that awesome Pete Seeger link! Wonderful video.

I'm downloading the single, so Pete can win the oldest man to have a #1 song award. He will be 93 in May. The last man to win was Tony Bennett, at 85. You can google "make Pete Seeger the oldest man to win award" if you are interested.

D said...

I'm not clicking away...Dylan's a hometown boy :) I love it when a new album is so wonderful that it renews our optimism in all things good. Enjoy, over and over.