Sunday, March 11, 2012

So, so tired

Four toddlers will do that to you.

About an hour ago I started to perk up a little bit, so I went out to cut back the asparagus to make room for the new stuff which should be popping up soon. Imagine my surprise when I found this!

 And this!

It was April before we ate the first stalks last year.

The daffs are doing well, and the sedum looks great. I planted tons of creeping sedum last year and it's all come back. The lilacs are budding out, as are the apple trees and the redbud I planted in memory of my dad.

In other words, spring isn't tired at all! Yay!


Holly said...

I'm running to look out the window at my asparagus bed!!!! (it's raining here now) Yeah! Thank you for the heads up! Sounds like you'll have many lovely blossoms this year! Sorry about your dad, hope his red bud tree is lovely!

Kathy said...

It looks like spring! YAY!


Elise Davis said...

I've never seen asparagus growing - even in a photo! It's a bit magical and wonderful. Yay for signs of spring!