Monday, March 12, 2012

If I only had …

The characters in The Wizard of Oz knew their limitations and got just what they needed when they entered the Emerald City: courage, a brain, a heart.

All of the situations, issues and problems which are nearly crushing me these days would be less crushing if only I had more energy. I'm beginning to wonder if there's some kind of deficiency going on beneath the surface. 

I spent most of yesterday recovering from the previous day's eight-hour drive and visit with the youngest grandchildren. It shouldn't take a day to do that. It was such a beautiful day, the perfect day for pulling a few weeds, taking a walk, just being outdoors.

I'll give myself a little credit for laundering the bed linens. It was warm and sunny so I put the sheets out on the clothesline to dry. Boy, did I ever appreciate that extra effort when I went to sleep last night! The only other "work" I did yesterday was cutting back the dead asparagus fronds and frying eggs for my husband's dinner. I wasn't hungry enough to eat (which, in and of itself, is kinda weird, because normally I don't even need to be hungry to eat).

So what did I do to fill up the 23 hours of March 11, 2012? Called my sister to wish her a happy birthday. Called two other friends and left messages. Wrote a couple of e-mails, took a couple of pictures, made a couple pots of coffee. And sat on my ass playing computer solitaire.

Because when life gets to be too hard, too much, too draining, solitaire has always come to my rescue. If there are cards (or computers) in the Emerald City, I'm booking a trip.


denise said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling so drained. Do you by any chance have allergy issues?

Around this time of year when I get to the point where getting out of bed seems to be a huge effort and I feel like I'm dragging myself through the day, I also start having those "what's wrong with me thoughts"...right up until I remember ALLERGIES!

This is usually the first noticeable sign for me that allergy season has officially arrived. But for some reasons it's never the first thing I think of when I get into the draggy, lethargic mode.

Once I become aware of it, then I start to realize my eyes have been a little itchy lately, and I am having a few more sinus-style headaches than usual, and breathing could be a little easier, etc. and it all falls into place.

Of course, that's helpful for me to know, but I have a very low tolerance for drugs and haven't found an allergy medicine yet that's both effective and allows me to function, so I just pretty much tough it out.

Anyway, just a thought.

If you're nutrition is good and you're getting good sleep and it persists, you should definitely get it checked out.

Kathy said...

I have been feeling drained too. Maybe Denise is on to something and it is our allergies acting up and the simple change of the seasons. Feel better soon!