Sunday, March 25, 2012

Three words


Oh, okay, more than three words. Do you know how hard it would be for me to do a three-word post? You guys are the only people I talk to all day, other than my husband. And the dog. And they get pretty tired of my chatter after a while.

This was yesterday's Project 365 picture. The prompt was
An Animal. Had to snap something quick when I got home,
because it's hard to take drive-by pictures of cows or turkey
buzzards. Hershey was, um, bored with it all.

Yesterday was a good day to travel. It rained and/or was cloudy and grey all day, and I didn't mind being cooped up in a hotel conference room with a couple dozen other Democratic women. And one clearly outnumbered man, who didn't appear to mind being outnumbered at all.

I've been appointed to chair a committee for the group (our state Democratic women's organization) and I volunteered to be on a planning committee for the 2013 national convention, which will be held in West Virginia. You'd never know I used to be a Republican. But I make no secret of it, and they all seem to like me anyway.

It's raining now, and looks like it might continue to do so most of the day. I hope it clears up long enough to go for a walk, but if it doesn't I can and should will hop on the elliptical. And I will definitely be taking a nap. Rainy days are good for that, and I will need one, because the Mad Men season premiere doesn't start until 9 p.m. Eastern.

Which is usually past my bedtime.

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Kathy said...

Your dog looks like I feel today. LOL Great picture!