Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lack of progress photo, and more!

Without further ado, here's the January-to-March comparison. I've got arms! And legs! Because it's so freaking hot! Heh.
Even though I'm nine pounds lighter in March than I was
in January, I think having my limbs exposed makes me look
bigger now. I'm not! Swear!
I ended up not going to the gym yesterday after all. Recalling the sage advice to "make hay while the sun shines," I decided to "finish the herb bed while the weather was nice and my husband was willing to help." Three hours working outdoors surely equals half that time in the gym, right?

At one point during the process, my husband asked if I intended to finish all the sections yesterday. I looked at him like he'd grown a third arm. Of course I intended to finish, otherwise why even start? (See OCD post from a couple of days ago.)

To answer Mindy's question from a recent comment, I'm not following a formal plan, unless dividing the circle into eight sections counts as formal. Taller plants will be in the center; everything will gradually get shorter as I plant from the middle toward the outer edge. Each section will not necessarily be dedicated to one plant. At least that's how I'm thinking right now. I might change my mind about that.

(Also, Diandra's comment about my pregnancy dream maybe being about coming up with a new idea is intriguing. Thanks for your insight!)

So what did we do yesterday? Here you go …

Rock and roll! My husband loves moving rocks, and I love that
he loves moving rocks, so I let him. He let me place them
around the edge of the circle.

I never used that old hula hoop anyway. It was the perfect tool for defining
the very center of the area. This photo shows the crop circle pie divided into
fourths. We eventually split it again, ending up with eight slices.

We covered the cardboard paths with dead leaves free mulch. I sprinkled
the inner circle with dill seed and dumped compost over it, but didn't plant
anything else yesterday. Each of the leafy paths got watered down with
the hose to keep the leaves from blowing away and to help them decompose.

I'm getting a truckload of mulch delivered later this spring and intend to mulch between the slices, to further keep weeds from growing there and to make it look a little nicer. All in all, I'm very pleased with the progress so far. By August, it should be lush and gorgeous and full of herby goodness. And to think, last August it was just part of the field we call the "front yard."

It started raining shortly after we finished. Good timing! It will continue to rain off and on today and probably for the next day or two. Since I also planted more onions, more snow peas and a row of mixed greens, I'm glad to see a little rain come through.

Also? When it rains, I'm much more enthusiastic about going to the gym. Hope to get back to my Mon/Wed/Fri routine next week. I have to go to a meeting in Charleston, WV, today, an all-day Democratic women's thing. I'm wearing a hoodie. Not that one old woman wearing a hoodie will make a difference, but maybe it will make a statement.

One more thing: I recently removed the word verification process from the commenting procedure here and have gotten at least one spam comment per day. So I'm going to turn it back on again. Sorry … making it easier for you to comment also makes it easier for unwanted random computers to invade my space. Not cool, unwanted random computers. Totally not cool.

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Shantel C said...

1. envious of the garden (well, backyard for that matter)

2. YES!! the old woman in a hoodie will definitely make a difference. It just did.

(coming from mother of two little, black boys who will only wear hoodies no matter what sweaters I buy) ;-)