Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30 - Something that makes you sad

This was such a hard photo prompt to interpret. I'm not a sad person, and I don't go around looking for sad. I'm not trying to be Pollyanna or anything, but everything that happens has a reason and a lesson. Why be sad about that?

At any rate, because I didn't want to break my streak (can't believe I've done a photo a day every day this year! Thanks, Chantelle!), here's my attempt. It makes me sad that all the people in those pictures (we call it the grandchildren's gallery) live so far away from me.

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E. Jane said...

Hi Debbi. I love the way you have displayed your grandchildren's photos. Very nice! As a grandma, I understand how it is when they're far away and you don't see them for a while. But you're they're grandma, and will always have a special place in their hearts, even with the distance.

We don't know how much we will love our grandkids before they arrive in this world. They are truly one of life's blessings! Take care and know that you are loved.