Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The theme for May is PLAY!

I bet the NaBloPoMo organizers didn't have this in mind when they decided to make May about play. Those adorable, playful characters from our childhood memories of Winnie the Pooh must be on something, right?

A quick Google search also turned up a shorter list of disordered characters with suggested medications, but I like this one better. And since it's all over the place, I never did find the original source to give credit. But I tried!

I get to play a little bit today. A friend's birthday is Thursday and we're celebrating tomorrow with a float down the Greenbrier in rafts and kayaks followed by dinner. I volunteered to bring the cake (mmmm, cake) and since I'm working tomorrow and can't bake it at the garden center, today I get to PLAY in the kitchen. May, play, birthday, YAY!

As I said yesterday in my photo post, I'm rarely sad. In fact the only times lately I've felt any kind of melancholy are when I'm outside doing something garden-y and I want to tell my dad, or send him a picture. He was my long-distance gardening partner. He'd be so proud of the horseradish and I know he would love the idea of getting 31 bags of free straw!

He played all the time, everything he did was touched with a sense of delight. A trip to the hardware store turned into a scavenger hunt, and a trip to the hospital was an opportunity to trot out his old jokes for new nurses, therapists, housekeepers and lab techs. Even when life got hard and painful and difficult he was still a big flirt and a fun-loving guy and a great example of how to live life playfully.

Who helps you play?

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