Thursday, June 21, 2012

Antibiotics are a beautiful thing

I'm just sayin'.

I took it easy yesterday afternoon, after working at the garden center in the morning. The temperature soared to 90 degrees and the humidity wasn't much lower. There's always a threat of afternoon thunderstorms this time of year, but even when they come through (they didn't), they leave the atmosphere feeling even more tropical. If that's possible.

The morning was nice, though. The garden center is shaded most of the morning and my job was to water the plants. I almost finished, only the fruit trees remained unwatered when my co-worker arrived at noon to relieve me. Three hours of watering, punctuated by two or three customers. It took my mind off my mouth, and that's a beautiful thing, too.

I planted some sweet potato slips yesterday in the former garlic bed. I'm not sure what to expect, I've never grown sweet potatoes before. My soil isn't especially sandy, which Farmer Google says is ideal, so we'll just have to see what happens. I watered them by hand after I planted them, but I'll have to get the hose out today and give the whole garden a drink.

Not much else to report from the Middle of Nowhere. I really have just one thing on my mind, and I promise I won't inflict my dental anxiety on you.

When my brother left yesterday he said he'd come back when we had three things on our to-do list for him. When he called from Florida he had changed his mind, and said he'd come if we only had two things. Nice to know he had a good time. We really enjoyed having him here.

And we're really enjoying the repaired ceiling fan. And screen door with no holes in it. And casement window that doesn't slip off its track. And brake light that works again. And, and, and …


Winnie said...

Gosh, he sure sounds handy...Glad he helped you and you had a great visit. Looking forward to hearing about your sweetpotatoes..I did try regular potatoes once here on Long Island, but they turned out to be the size of cherry tomatoes...My late hubby and I roasted them up and ate them all in one sitting..Such a funny memory..

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Sorry about your woeful tooths. Hope the light at the end of that tunnel is closer and brighter than in your beautiful favorite pic.