Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The party's over …

I have to work this morning, so my husband is driving my brother to the airport. I sure wish I was going, too. He seemed to have a good time, mostly relaxing and enjoying the quiet time. Unless he was fixing something. We now have a screen door that doesn't admit flies and insects, a dryer vent that doesn't admit mice and a ceiling fan that doesn't make so much racket we've never used it as a fan, only as a light fixture. Oh, and a previously broken-into window that is now closed and locked, never to be reopened, a brake light on the truck, etc., etc., etc. That boy can fix anything!

The ice cream social last Saturday was a success, and I'm sure our retiring Delegate was pleased and felt very much appreciated. I do believe life can return to normal. Sort of.

Monday started early – my husband, brother and I left here at 6 a.m. We picked up my sister, who quite possibly lives more in the Middle of Nowhere than I do and then drove another hour and a half to a cemetery southwest of Columbus, Ohio, to meet my dad's widow and bury his ashes. Since we'd already had two memorial services in 2010, when he died, this "service" was family-only and we simply reminisced a bit.

Dad's wife and her family went back to her sister's and our little group headed to the east side of Columbus to visit our mother's grave.

All in all, a pretty emotional first half of the day.

We had lunch and took my sister back to her place and by 5 p.m. we were headed south to West Virginia again.

And I was in unbearable pain, with what turned out to be a gum abscess on the upper right side of my mouth.

I got braces when I was 30, and since that time have spent thousands of dollars trying to make my teeth smile-worthy. Thirty years later, my lower teeth are fine, but the sad/bad news I got yesterday is that I need upper dentures.

I'm on antibiotics now and will probably begin the process of becoming a truly old person in August. The dentist said I was lucky to have kept my natural teeth this long, and that the kind of bone loss that is causing my dental problems runs in families (I can find no evidence from Dr. Google, DDS on that, however). At any rate, the inflammation that was causing the pain has been reduced a bit and I think I'll just channel Scarlett O'Hara:
"I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that … tomorrow."

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