Tuesday, June 12, 2012

That meeting again

On Sunday I wrote about a Saturday morning meeting with West Virginia's former governor Joe Manchin. The subject of racism in West Virginia came up, and he quickly shot it down. No, race isn't an issue here in the Mountain State. Our citizens want jobs. Oh, and Coal is King!

I'm linking to this article, which was published Saturday afternoon, so that I will always have it available. I've sent the link to former governor Manchin. Perhaps someone on his staff with an open mind will read it.

And weep for West Virginia.

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Winnie said...

Very interesting article. Sad state of affairs to be certain. I do think this issue is nationwide though as even in NYC where we are very liberal etc, the issue comes up daily with housing, police shootings etc. I am sad that certain states have it worse. Have you ever thought to run for local government. I find your passion for this subject wonderful. I know you could do great things. Your blog is very thought provoking to me.