Tuesday, June 12, 2012



Mulch really is magical. I've been ready to plow the herb bed under and plant grass seed the past couple months because it was so ugly. But a few hours and many buckets full of mulch have transformed it. I'm so happy with it!

It's not strictly an herb bed. One section has rhubarb and one has horseradish and there are those volunteer tomatoes in there, too. I sowed fennel and basil in some of the blank spots yesterday.

I've always had trouble growing cilantro, but that section is doing great, better than any other, actually. Which makes me very happy, because I do love me some fresh cilantro. I garnished our curried lentil soup with a generous amount last night. Because I could. Heh.

Here's how the herb bed started.

And here it is now.

The opposite side remains unmulched, because I ran out. I'll get another
truckload as soon as possible, because the OCD part of me has trouble
looking past the unfinished-ness of it all.

A correction from yesterday: The light-colored mulch is cocoa shell, not coconut shell, and I would use it on everything if I could afford it. [A truck bed full (Ford Ranger) was $30. Four 2 cu. ft. bags of cocoa shell was $24.] But it's great mulch, and I like the contrast between the beds and the paths very much.

Still no clue as to how the door shattered. It's the inside pane of glass and the glass expert assured me it will fall out of the frame. It's just a matter of time. Oh, joy. I will, at his suggestion, gently apply masking tape to it and hope for minimal mess when it happens. He can't come to look at it until Friday.

I've been loving your comments. Thanks for taking the time to express yourself. And for letting me do the same.


Winnie said...

So great! Mine are potted as I don't have the room. Can I ask what a "volunteer" tomato plant is? I know I must sound dumb, but I saw you wrote that term before. I am not sure if it is one that just sprouted up, or a name of a type?

Anna said...

I'm thrilled to see it's doing so well! I wish I'd had the follow up photos in time to add to the beginning ones in the book. Maybe for the second edition. :-)