Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So what am I knitting lately?

A combination of things have happened lately which have contributed to my being a little more sedentary than usual.

  • Garden fatigue set in really early this year, mostly due to the storm.
  • Our road was off-limits for a week while it was being blacktopped.
  • My head hurts. All. The. Time. (Because of my, um, dental procedure.)
  • We upgraded to the top-of-the-line satellite package, with all the movie channels.

So my physical activity has been curtailed (temporarily, I promise) and I'm parking my ass in front of the tube, watching movie after movie after movie. (Most recently Crazy. Stupid. Love. and now I want to see every movie Steve Carrell has ever made. And I want to marry him, too.)

Both of you know how hard it is for me to just sit without knitting something. So I started a Clean Slate Tote. I'm not going to link to the pattern because it's on a website (mine) that needs to be completely revamped. Suffice it to say it's an original design by moi, it's almost mindless and it makes a darned cool tote bag.

As I was pawing through the yarn closet, I found a bag of Obama-blue wool and immediately snagged it for the bag project. I'm going to the West Virginia Federation of Democratic Women convention next month, and each county chapter is supposed to bring something for a fund-raising auction. I'm going to fill the bag with local products, decorate the outside with some campaign buttons and hope it brings a decent price.

(Obama-blue clothing/accessories are hard to find. Navy, baby, sky, turquoise, slate – all readily available. It's very important at this convention – and at all Democratic events – to wear this particular shade of blue.)

And apparently I have yarn on my subconscious mind, as well, because I dreamed about knitting a scarf for my daughter. I found two balls of shiny silver ribbon and two balls of black/grey/silver mohair. The plan is to provisionally cast on about six feet of stitches and knit a striped scarf sideways, alternating the ribbon and the mohair and leaving a tail for fringe, which will be knotted together when it's finished. I have no idea if this will work or not.

But we have all those movie channels now, so I might as well try it. Heh.

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Diandra said...

I wish I could knit mindlessly. Still have to concentrate on not dropping or knotting anything, and on keeping the cats away from the wool. (Maybe that is why I am 15 squares behind on my blanket?)

Mindy said...

You reminded me that I have a Clean Slate tote started somewhere and I should definitely bring that out. I think it was many years ago that I got the pattern from you. I've got about three projects going right now but nothing is exciting me. Maybe the tote is the ticket!

Hippy Chick said...

I think the scarf idea sounds lovely! Metallics are "in" for this winter so that's perfect!

I know what you mean about having access to movies making you not want to go anywhere. I have a knitting marathon planned for today of all Wes Anderson movies.

Good post!