Thursday, August 9, 2012

Don't forget about the yarn giveaway!

I know the description I wrote made it sound a little, um, less than appealing. But it's truly a beautiful neutral with a lot of depth that will go with just about anything. And 10 (TEN!) skeins! C'mon!

But maybe you're saving up all your comments for Sunday. We can talk about the final Olympic event, the men's marathon, which happens Sunday morning. My last chance to get inspired.

(My husband and I were talking with a friend last night and I mentioned the marathon might be off my bucket list and he said – and I quote – "it is if I have anything to say about it." I felt like a child! And I told him so, too. Might have been the best thing he ever could have said about marathoning. Hmmm.)

The Obama-blue bag is all knitted up, now I just have to felt it. Then comes the really fun part – filling it with locally made goodies and decorating the outside with campaign buttons. I knew all that swag from the state convention would come in handy!

The state women's convention (I'm not linking to the Federation website because it's so out of date) is in two weeks. I'm praying I'll have teeth by then. My Google research indicates it will be three or four months before I get used to them, but I could at least have my picture taken without feeling embarrassed or goofy.

Or maybe I could just embrace the backwoods West Virginia toothless old hag look.

Nah, I don't think so.


Diandra said...

Geez, I'd have put on my tiny feminist hat and told him a few things about the impact of his ideas on my decisions. (Seems I am wearing that tiny feminist hat more and more, lately. It's pink and got sparkles.)

Winnie said...

This made me laugh. Hubby thought I couldn't go to the BlogHer Conf alone (read-without him...) We are only married 1.5 years and I used to travel all over solo. So...I went and have fun solo. Missed him and am glad to be home, but I still am glad I did something just for "me".