Thursday, September 20, 2012

Is it over?

I was eager to get out and do Week Two, Day Two of the Up and Running program yesterday. Eager, I tell you! The temperature was pretty darned perfect – low 60s – and the humidity was not even close to being a factor. The rain (we ended up getting about 3.25 inches altogether) was long gone. Blue skies, great weather, a previous day of rest, and a good dinner the night before. I expected to rock the workout.


I wanted to go a little farther (or is it further?) just because it was a pretty day. How often do you want to extend your workout because it feels good to be moving, or it feels good to be outside? For me … not very often. Yesterday, however, it was like some fit young thang took over my body. I went twice as far as I had on Monday, extending the initial five-minute warm-up walk to nearly half an hour. Total time was just shy of an hour. I should have walked up and down the driveway to hit the 60-minute mark, but I'm trying to rein in my OCD tendencies.

Although the vernal equinox doesn't happen for two more days, I am official declaring:


Don't get me wrong. I like summer. Crops grow in summer, I spend many productive hours 'putting food by,' the sheets always get line-dried. But this summer, um, sucked. The derecho that roared through June 29 kind of sucked the life and energy and motivation out of some of us (I'm not naming names, but one of them starts with a D).

My non-productive garden is a mess, but since today is a non-workout day I have plans to finish pulling the tall weeds and to till an area to plant onions and garlic. (It's still a little early to plant, but it's a great day to plow.) And who knows, I might even go for a walk.

P.S. Welcome to all the new readers who have stopped by. I hope you'll become regulars. And welcome, too, to a new advertiser. Need coupons? They're just a click away!

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D said...

Don't you love it when you feel great? Feeling great paired with perfect weather and all is right with the world.