Friday, September 14, 2012

Thank goodness ...

I have seven days in which to complete three running workouts. Because Week One, Day Three isn't happening today.

And nothing at all happened yesterday, either. I am NOT feelin' the workout love on the off days, not at all, not at all. In fact I'm so energy-deprived that I'm not even feelin' the straighten-up-the-house love or work-in-the-garden love. (Well, I did pick three pounds of basil yesterday, I guess that counts for something.)

What I AM feeling is lots of nap-love. And I don't take naps, as a rule. Unless I'm sick.

So I don't know what's going on. Low energy, no motivation. If it weren't for this training program I'm not sure I'd be doing anything at all.


At least I'm not overeating. You can always find something for which to be grateful, if you look hard enough.

I finished the Jujuba neckline yesterday. Twice. (Knitters will be chuckling and nodding their heads.) The first time, with the short-rows at the corners, didn't work at all, it turned out way too loose. I picked up fewer stitches the second time and now it's maybe a teensy bit too snug. I'll probably rip it out and do it again.

This is a mostly cotton sweater, and it's tunic-length, and when I tried it on the collar looked very stretched out from the weight of the garment. I'm wondering if just a plain reverse crochet edging might stabilize the neckline and still look all right. A wide neckline looks great on a summery top, but not so much on something to wear in cooler weather. Maybe I'll do the crochet treatment first and then pick up stitches for a simple garter-stitch edging.

Decisions, decisions.

At least the decision not to work out has been made. I have to go to the eye doctor this morning, and will be running a few other errands while I'm in town. Maybe I'll walk later.

Then again, maybe not.

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denise said...

Must be something in the air - in fact, I think it's literally something in the air. This morning I had one of my CANNOT open my eyes, CANNOT move my limbs kind of mornings. I was SO tired - and for no good reason, as I had 7+ hours of good sleep last night.

And, I woke up with a major headache...

When that happens, it's usually a wakeup call (pardon the pun) that allergies are upon me. I hear ragweed is out here and is both early and prolific.

It can take me anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to acclimate and get through the beginning of an allergy season. I haven't found a medication I can take that doesn't either knock me out completely or make me so muzzy-headed that I'd rather just suffer through the allergies.

Fingers crossed this is a short season for all of us!